You will need
  • Acetone
  • A tool for removing artificial nails
  • Sticks for manicure
  • Wool
  • Hot water
  • Cream for hands and nails
  • Foil
Remove the false nail plate, put on the glue with liquid nail Polish remover with acetone. Place the tool under the trim and gently pry a little later her pointed orange stick for manicures. If the glue is dissolved, and patch the nail began to move away from the present, remove it with a stick. It will clean the glue residue with the living nail. Don't forget that orange sticks have antiseptic effect, but they are disposable.
Use the special tool for removing artificial nails – it is more gentle and suitable for any imitations of the nail from acrylic to gel. Choose liquid oils and plant extracts, and other nutrients to hydrate and restore your native nail. Well, if the tool has an antifungal effect. It is usually used like this:
• They moisten the cotton wool and put it on a press-on nail.
• Wrap the nail with foil.
• After half an hour remove the bandage and remove the softened plate orange stick, moving from the cuticle up.
Prepare the tub with hot water and immerse in her hands with fake nails until they otpiratsya and become soft. Then stick for manicure as when using acetone or special tools. It is the most available and harmless to hands a way to remove false nails by yourself.
Remove artificial decorative overlays any of the above method and be sure to lubricate your hands and the nail plate fat nourishing cream to strengthen and calm them down after the stress. Let the nails to relax at least a couple of weeks before he went on to decorate their decorative manicure.