To begin, decide what your girl's romance and vulgarity. Don't confuse these two concepts! Error can cost you a lot. If your girlfriend is so romantic that can't stand the sea and candles in the sand that you have in mind for her to prepare, no stereotypes will not save you. Generally speaking, the stereotypes and the opinion here is a little relevant. What great work has created a tradition of securing some events and actions in our minds as romantic, others as flat, can be suddenly destroyed one thin pen that will blink at you with all your candles.
What would you romance your girl may have thought, the element of surprise should be required. In fact the beauty of what you secretly snuck a sniff, what a girl likes, and then present it to her on a silver platter when she least expects it. But here it is necessary to take into account the mood of a friend: for example, if she's got a headache, extra grooming on your part only repel her. In this case, be romantic a bit differently: buy her medicine, take it home, drink tea and don't forget the next day to see how your favorite health.
Make sure in advance about their appearance. The girl may come in what he wants, even in strict office suit, at least in shirt and jeans, especially because you cook her a surprise and she doesn't know what awaits her. But you should be prepared on all counts. First, the appearance should match the situation that you found it romantic and appropriate to the tastes of your passion (you see, the tuxedo and butterfly on a wild rocky beach are unlikely to be appropriate), and secondly, all clothing should be clean (so, jeans can be torn at the knees, if well conceived, but they need to be washed). Take care of the perfume, given, again, the tastes of girls.
Carefully work through the scenario of the evening, in advance take all the risks aside. If you have arranged a candlelight dinner at home, then in any case should not, out of nowhere appear your mother with full of vegetable packs. If you are a lucky girl, being in the South, somewhere in a remote restaurant on the way back you should not run out of gas. But do not despair, if that happens. In the end, a true romantic is a great connoisseur of improvisation. Pretend that it was originally conceived, you weren't supposed to go back, but here the sunset is so beautiful; but in the morning rise up early and get this poor gasoline, and then, God forbid, you have to meet a few more of these sunsets in the middle of nowhere.
A real romantic, passionate like he was, always observe precautions. Hold your horses, if you see that the girl is starting to bother her or if something suddenly did not like. Remember to watch words should always, no matter how carefully you studied the script of the evening and your appearance. Wrong word, a silly joke or time expressed strong opinions can crush everything, and you will not see any romance for another couple of weeks.