You will need
  • - passport
  • - the statement in law enforcement bodies
  • help from law enforcement
  • - a statement to the court
  • - proof
Legitimate ways to return to duty only two is to apply to law enforcement or to the court. All other methods of repayment are illegal and lead to disastrous consequences. To contact private lawyers, or collection agencies is illegal, and you can sit on the dock for bringing these organizations to the repayment of debts.
Contact law enforcement authorities with a statement in which you describe the situation, time and place of money transfer and specify how much time has passed from the time when the debt must be returned. Law enforcement agencies submit evidence that the debt was indeed taken. They take evidence that can provide witnesses to this incident. Unfortunately, the court the evidence of witnesses to take into account, as no receipts and signatures of these witnesses. If you refused to initiate investigation into single debt, the only solution is to go to court with the help of law enforcement.
You should know that to appeal to any authorities with a statement about not returned to duty only for three years from the date of issuance of money. After three years the Statute of limitations on debt collection expires and it will be a valid reason for failure to return the debt.
In the statement, which you file with the court, please specify the exact details of the debtor and its. Clearly describe the situation and your actions to remedy this situation. Provide evidence. It can be shot with a hidden camera or audio recording of a conversation between you and your debtor about the time of repayment.
Only after the court decision you were forced to repay the debt, or deem the evidence insufficient for repayment of the debt.