If the borrower does not delve into your problems and do not want to repay the debt, then, if you are afraid to spoil relations and friendship, to apply to the Department of internal Affairs. In a statement describe your situation. Specify when, where, who and how much you borrowed. You must give exact details of the borrower, his / her name, passport number, year and month of birth, and home address. Provide evidence of the loan. These can be witnesses, information from your relatives, proof that the money you had and the acquisitions of the borrower coinciding with the terms of the loan.
Your statement should be a criminal case on the borrower for fraud. If you were denied the institution of criminal proceedings – to take a certificate of refusal. After that, refer a statement to the court. The statement include all the information about the loan, their details and the borrower, taken action to refund the debt. Apply the facts and evidence and proof of refusal by the bodies of internal Affairs to open a criminal case.
After reviewing your petition the court will issue a decision on refund of duty.
Never attempt to recover a debt, using threats to the borrower. It's against the law. Back loans only, legitimate ways, if you do not want to be in the dock.