Swelling may be the result of diseases of internal organs, such as kidney disease. But often, the bags appear due to improper diet, lack of sleep, poor drinking regime. Also the bags appear because with age a person gains weight, and under the eyes accumulates excess fat.

Exercises to relieve swelling

You should start with smoothing out wrinkles and removes excess fluid exercises. First we need to do a warm-up.

Often blink for a minute. Then put the bent index fingers on your eyebrows, keeping my thumbs bent outer corners of the eyes. Start to squint strongly, the touch of your fingertips not giving the skin of the eyelids to wrinkle.

Put your index fingers on the middle mobile eyelid. Eyes do not close. Slowly lower your eyes down, preventing closure of the eyes with your fingers. Eventually you have to close your eyes, overcoming the resistance of the fingers. During the exercise try not to wrinkle your forehead and not to frown.

The index and middle fingers to stretch the eye from the outer corner. At the same time much zagareliai, creating pressure inside the eyeball, but not wrinkling his forehead. Now slightly open eyes, continuing to squint. You should have the feeling that the eyes are trying to roll out through small slits. Constantly aware of the force of finger pressure. Such exercises swelling around the eyes can rejuvenate the face for 5 years.

You can lose weight person

Add the lips with the letter "O", making the hole a minimum. As far as possible out through his tongue. The eyes this time, lift up, trying to look back. Blink as often as possible, simultaneously pulling the lower jaw down so her mouth would not open.

The maximum relax the muscles of the face. Push your eyeballs start to rotate from side to side. Then complete exercises from the bags under the eyes by drawing the numbers look.

Put on the forehead with both hands so that the fingertips touch each other. Now slightly spread the skin of the forehead a little stretched. Much watersite eyes, though excessively surprised. Don't let the raised eyebrows, but hands do not let her forehead to wrinkle. Freeze for a few seconds.

Completed exercises from swelling around the eye acupuncture massage. Put middle fingers on the inner corners of the eyes and on the inhale press down until you feel a slight pain. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Slowly exhaling, release the pressure. Then again repeat the pressing.