In order to learn how to quickly and beautifully draw, you need first of all to learn to draw again. Choose a beautiful picture, given its complexity. For example, if the sample you take a picture of Shishkin, the play it you are unlikely. Perfect drawings from children's coloring books.
Take a pencil and try to copy the picture. Happened? Then let's complicate the task and turn the picture upside down. Such training is important not only to reproduce the image, but also to understand the pattern by which the fold line.
For the following exercises you will need some simple object. For example, your own hand or an Apple. See the sample, and then try to draw it on paper. If it looks like it will complicate the task and draw the same object in memory. To consolidate the skill you should try to draw the same object with eyes closed. It could be it?
To breeding beautiful lines became familiar to you, you need to constantly train. Srisovyvanie any pictures, try to draw things that you like. Use of different techniques. For example, draw the same Apple with the help of a pencil, crayon or gouache.
Gradually complicate your task - draw with different colors, use midtones and shadows.
Quickly master the science of drawing will help and books outlining the techniques of the drawings, and recommendations that will help the novice to confidently hold a pencil. You can also look for information on the Internet or enroll in art Studio classes which will give not only the initial drawing skills, but will also help to find like-minded people who also are eager to learn the fine arts!