To wash a windbreaker or jacket of raincoat fabrics will not be difficult. In this case, buy powder without bleach (if colored jacket - pick up powder for colored fabrics). Set up gentle mode for automatic washing machine. Send a jacket into the drum and put the additional function of rinsing, this will help to avoid divorce. Dry the thing on a coat hanger in natural conditions.
Do not wash a jacket made of suede in a machine-machine, a thing after that will be spoiled. Temperature of water when washing by hand should be 37 degrees, that is close to body temperature. Wash a suede jacket very quickly, try not to get wet, gently wipe soiled areas with a soft sponge. Then quickly rinse the thing in lukewarm water and wipe with a glycerin solution (1/2 teaspoon of glycerin per liter of water). Thus you will preserve the softness of the suede. Do not wring and do not twist the jacket. Dry on a coat hanger away from batteries and radiators. If the stain remains - gently RUB them with a pumice stone.
Winter jacket padding is washed in an automatic car. The program should be designed exclusively for synthetic fibers, temperature is not greater than 40 degrees. The main advantage of this material is that it is not deformed when wet. This is what gives you the ability to wash a quilted jacket in the machine with no fear to spoil a thing.
Much more complicated to deal with jacket-down jacket. Before you wash the thing, fasten it with a zipper (or buttons) and turn them inside out. Select a delicate wash cycle, the water temperature shall be not more than 30 degrees. Use liquid detergents. Put together with the down jacket into the drum machine a few tennis balls, they will plump up the down during washing, and it is not matted in clumps.