You will need
  • consultation with orthodontist;
  • - the cast and jaw;
  • - fillings, crowns and other methods of sanation of oral cavity;
  • special orthodontic plates;
  • - surgery (in severe cases).
Consult to the doctor-orthodontist. Most likely, you will need x-rays and a plaster cast of the jaw. If necessary, you will be asked to sanitize the mouth and cause gums in order if they are sick. Work on the occlusion may be preceded by a prosthesis badly damaged teeth, dental implants and more. Please be patient – only when you heal all your teeth, the orthodontist will give a scheme of correcting the bite.
To correct malocclusion using removable devices. This may be a special orthodontic braces plastic that you have to wear a certain time. They can help separate the teeth to stand up for the right, to change the width of the sky and to handle some other private problems of the maxillofacial complex.
The doctor can prescribe trainers — devices that deal with various emerging problems of occlusion. They are soft, and it's easy to get used to (especially since they are usually worn only at night).
Another option orthodontic plates is silicone mouth guard. You can wear them, do not hesitate – because they are almost invisible and can be removed (of course, only on the advice of a physician) during the cleaning of the teeth and meal.
Remember that the use of removable devices is meaningless if you have a complex deformity of the bite. Orthodontists emphasize that their effect is limited. When developed anomalies you can not do without traditional brackets and wire arches.
Learn more about bracket systems so you had to navigate when talking with your doctor. There are vestibular braces you will be wearing with the outside of the teeth. They are cheaper, but are noticeable to others. If you do not wish to show their orthodontic problems, be prepared to fork out for lingual braces. They lie on the inner side of the teeth, and you will be able to keep the treatment secret.
Follow all the requirements of an experienced orthodontist. Only he will be able to individually match you with the trim that will fix your teeth and provide the right direction of their movement. Braces must be worn, without removing! The doctor can only adjust the system in the course of treatment, or be replaced immediately in case of peeling or breakage.
Finally, you may need surgery to correct the bite. It is associated with very serious deformities of the jaw. There may already be carried out various medical manipulations for medical reasons, from moving teeth to plastic surgery of the chin.