When choosing a topic for the report must be based on circumstances.

Often a teacher or teachers give a ready list of topics from which to choose the one that you prefer. If you have a few things that you could take, then take the one which will be not only easier but also more productive. Pay attention to the wording: it is not necessary to grasp the subject if it covers the object and subject of research too broad, not allowing for a thorough examination. For example, the theme "the Behavior of the Ural protein in winter" much better than "the nature of the Urals".

Of course, it depends on what you are more interesting. But if the proposed list of topics does not appeal to you no, then take up the topic with the most specific wording, and such, for which there is ample scientific literature.

If you are completely free to choose the theme of the report, then it is better to choose to formulate with your supervisor. For example, you may love chocolate, but no scientific interest the theme of "Chocolate in my life" is not responsible. But "the History and future of chocolate production in my city" - is much more interesting and productive.

The main thing – to believe that any of your interest can be considered from a scientific point of view, only need to correct for this approach.

Very important condition is the correct wording of the topic. The report implies different forms of protection: a statement on the lesson or workshop without questions from the audience, the protection rationale for the relevance of topics and questions, etc. for Example, the second option you need to choose a topic that will allow you to logically build the report and answers to questions. And if you take the Influence of pink color on the behavior of hamsters" and will tell about his impact on different rodent species, your theme will play with you a malicious joke.

And finally, before choosing the topic understand do you need any further perspective, will you do research in the future. If Yes, then initially select a large object of study and then approach it with a certain hand, next time to come up with the other and in the end to give a complete picture. For example, you are interested in the productivity of secretaries under different weather conditions. First light features of his work in the heat when off the air conditioner, and next time you can write a report on its work in the winter when you turn off the battery.