You will need
    • Chicken legs chilled – 1 kg
    • Cheese durum -100 g
    • Garlic - 3 cloves,
    • Prepared mustard 1 tablespoon
    • Basil
    • dry oregano by half a teaspoon,
    • Salt
    • pepper.
Rinse chicken, place in a bowl, add salt, pepper, sprinkle herbs and crushed garlic, add the mustard and mix. Close the bowl with cling film or a lid and leave the meat to marinate. If you eat chicken legs right, leave them to stand at room temperature for an hour and a half, if you plan to dine them, then marinate in the morning and put the bowl to the refrigerator.
Preheat the oven to 200oC. Legs place on oiled baking sheet, place in oven and cook 30 minutes. 5 minutes before end of cooking remove the chicken legs and sprinkle them with grated on a large grater cheese, then put the pan in the oven.
Turn off the oven, allow the meat to stand still within 5 minutes, because the baking process is still ongoing. Then remove the chicken legs, place them on a dish or the plate, sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs.