If you know that your good breeding and delicacy, are perceived as a weakness, it's time to stop being upset over it, worrying about someone else's rudeness. Do not get lost and do not fall into a stupor. As a rule, only your inner strength and fight back may discourage that person the desire to continue the attacks.
Never respond to rudeness with rudeness is always turns into a common market argument, because there ham is valid on its territory and you have no chance to win. You must come to your sense of humor and observation. Rude to other notorious people, who thus disguise their inferiority. Find this flaw and put him in his place with a witty phrase, make it clear that he does not hide their behavior of your complex, and bulging it outward.
Sometimes it even helps physical flaw in appearance your abuser: simply not paying attention to his attacks, interested to start looking at the defects on his face. I think not every ham can continue the conversation in that spirit.
Attacks can be expressed not only in aggressive words, but in the constant ironic tone, offensive jokes and comments to your account. Don't pretend you don't notice them and don't suppress your feelings. Ask the man at all, what is the reason for his relationship to you, make your assumptions, not the least offensive to him and voice them. Let him know that his maneuvers you solved and you're not going to put up with them.
Be confident and proud, under any pretext do not show that hurtful words have hit you hard, people who don't pay attention to them and indifferent to them, louts bypass the expensive third.