You will need
  • - knowledge of the structure will;
  • - knowledge of the theory of passionarity.
Developed at will to work with the passionate child. To suppress or to change the strength and direction of the will of another person will be able to the same strong-willed person. Passionaries people are born. They will actively develop without influence from the.
Teach your child to recognize the direction and means to achieve objectives. Dedication is the basis of will, but a passionate person is able to see only the final result, but does not measure the means to achieve it, so they are not always socially acceptable. A sense of purpose and it keeps the will "on a short leash".
Train your child each time you make a volitional action. He needs to think and care about other people participating in a particular event. Passionary able to organize people for a common cause, to infect them with his idea of not thinking about their interests, capabilities and desires. The people of "long will" put the idea in the head, selfishly pursuing their goal.
Enlighten the child about sexual development and the dangers of early sex life, because his will during adolescence is directed and at an early realization of their desires. To achieve the object of his passion teenager may constantly and rapidly. Explain that to restrain their impulses is more difficult, but his "will is directed to the development of the will."
Learn to take care of your health, I would warn risky situation for achieving objectives known to be dangerous. Strong-willed adolescents tend to demonstrate their will to others, not thinking about the consequences: to swim a river, climb a high tower, etc. taking Care of your body will help to suppress the unnecessary willpower.