The classic chopper, which was in every Soviet family, consists of a housing with mesoplankton, screw shaft, knife, grate, lid latch and handle with the locking screw.
The Assembly of the grinder should start with the installation of the screw shaft inside the housing. On the one hand the shaft has a thickened end which fits over the handle of the grinder. Insert the shaft of this end into the body so that it went outside. To improve the operation of the grinder, put a drop of sunflower oil place of contact of the screw shaft to the housing.
Now the shaft need to wear the knife. Inspect the knife, which may take the form of a cross or two-bladed propeller, and put it on the screw shaft with the flat side out. If you rotate it in the opposite direction, the meat will not be scrolled.
On top of the knife set the grid and snap design with a cap retainer that is screwed on the thread on the housing. The meat grinder is assembled. Now it can be mounted on the table clamp, which is mounted in the housing of the grinder and put the pen to start the scrolling of meat.