You will need
  • Moral principles
  • Willpower
  • Courage
To gain respect, a man of his word. If you said that you do something – do. After all, respect is given to those who can be trusted. If others feel that you cannot be trusted to respect you, they just will not.
To gain respect, be honest. You will be surprised how much respect you can gain by telling the truth, instead of building a maze of lies, protecting you from harm.
Be a man who is not afraid to speak out against bullies. This does not mean that you always have to argue and fight with someone who seems like a troublemaker. But if someone do harm to others, don't be afraid to stand up and ask the man to stop. If you care about the rights of others, then you are sure to win respect.
To gain respect, be sure to encourage others when they do something good. When you let others understand that you appreciate them, they appreciate and respect you in return. But don't over – thank people only for those things that are worth it. Be sincere and selfless in this.