Be friendly and welcoming. If the new job boss or HR Manager is not acquainted with all of you, then greet and introduce yourself yourself. Best if you arrange a small "Banquet" on the occasion of the meeting: it is possible to order the office pizzas or bring a cake and treat everyone during the lunch break. So not only will you be able to meet everyone, but will see how anyone behaves in an informal setting.
Your responsibilities should be very clear. Ask the chief or supervisor, depending on who will help you the first time. It is important to find the fine line between how to not be shy to ask about what you do not understand, and to pester everyone with questions about things like where to find the solution yourself.
Each team has their own rules, look to the behavior of colleagues. You will learn quickly, as they stay in the new job, if you are attentive. Even if you don't like some habits of co-workers, be patient because they are working here much longer than you. Soon, when you will join the team, you can try to change the climate in a better way and yet take advantage of the adage that with its Charter in another monastery do not go.
Treat your new colleagues with respect. Even if someone you do not like, do not hurry to go to the conflict. Maybe after some time you will change your mind about this man. In any case, the impression formed you in the first few days, cannot be called fully objective.
If the team is close-knit and friendly, we do not expect that you immediately will be welcomed with open arms. Sometimes beginners long "check", thus possibly turning them into all sorts of awkward or strange situations, this kind of test. Such is especially true for creative or young groups. Be careful, treat everything calmly and with humor, it is sure to be appreciated. If you can make a joke or witty comeback, it would force colleagues to respect you, and you will soon be accepted into the circle of "friends".