Regardless of whether constant work or not, sometimes there are situations when you want to make money in the short term.

Professional "walkers"

One of the fastest ways to generate income is to participate in paid surveys. On the Internet several resources recruiters selection of respondents. In order to become a participant in this survey, the recruiter should give their age, place of work or indicate its absence. In addition, one of the important points for the selection of candidates is compliance with the requirements of the company organizing the focus groups. This may be the presence of children, a certain social status, a car of a particular brand, regular use of a product, using the product and much more.

If the Respondent fits the recruiter with one on the entrance test you can earn about 100-500 rubles for participation in the focus group amounts vary from 1 thousand to 10 thousand roubles depending on complexity of survey and search the relevant topic of the focus group respondents.
To take part in surveys, can not the employees of advertising agencies, marketing departments and journalists. These are the selection criteria for research centres.
Despite the fact that companies that conduct surveys, the data was entered participants into a single database and you can participate only a few times a year, some respondents manage to earn good by participating in the focus groups, not the underlying companies. Recruiters such respondents called professional "walkers".


This method of earning money is quite good for programmers, journalists, designers, operators PC. In numerous exchanges on the Internet employers offer to create online stores, support and revision of existing sites, creating printed materials, preparation and placement of articles, by filling the online shops by cards of the goods, decoding the video or audio interview and many others. Possessing the necessary skills to become a performer of the task is quite simple. Paid for such work, depending on the volume of work performed. Payments are made by transfer on a web wallet or current account in the Bank.
In order to be sure that the employer is not superfluous to ask for an advance before performing the main part of the work.


A number of footwear is increasing day by day. For this reason, the start of such employers is always vacant. The position of delivery of various goods the best is the fact that the salary is paid on a daily basis, their workload can also be adjusted. For shipping one order, the courier receives the order of 200-350 rubles. Auto-delivery clearance of goods are charged more expensive — from 600 rubles per order.

Hourly Babysitting

Constantly working mothers often need help in the delivery of a child from the kindergarten, home school, or carry on additional classes. Payment for the provision of such services — from 150 rubles per hour. In the case of the delivery of the child to the car, the amount increases.

In addition to these ways to make money in a short time, providing services for cleaning Windows (especially important in spring and autumn), a one-time cleaning apartments, delivery to the airport, delivery of the goods at the hypermarkets. It remains only to choose an acceptable option.