In the first place, parents are concerned about when and how to teach a child to potty. Concerning age, the opinions of experts differ. Some believe that the attempt must have from the first months of his life, and by the year the kid should master this skill. However, most pediatricians believe that the best age period to naturally accustom the child to the potty between 18 and 24 months. At this age the children are ready to learn, and it is quick and natural. The baby can feel the discomfort of wet pants and he can shoot them he is interested in everything new and want to emulate older brothers or sisters. He is able to understand when he explained how to use the item of hygiene.


To accustom your child to the potty, watch him and you will see what time and with what regularity he goes to the toilet. Try to put him on the potty every 40 minutes, and after a NAP and food before the walk and after it. Do this carefully, exercise patience and goodwill, do not do it forcibly, otherwise the baby will resist and have to spend many months to accustom the child to the potty.


Select for baby beautiful, bright pot, which will cause his interest, music. Praise and reward him for each successful use of this piece of clothing. You can read books or toys to give while using the pot, but do not overdo it. Long to sit on it more than 7-10 minutes, harmful.


Totally abstain from diapers (in the extreme case, only at night and for a walk in the cold season). The child will not want to endure the discomfort and begin to ask for a pot. Remember that it should not be cold, too big or small, the child should be comfortable on it. The best way to teach a kid in the summer, then during the walk you will be able to continue the learning process.


Most importantly, be patient and gentle, do not scold the child for another wet his pants, then your favorite baby will quickly master this necessary skill.