Individual characteristics

Accustom the child to the potty - a long but simple process, with its own characteristics. It all depends on the age of the child and the assertiveness of parents. According to Dr. Komarovsky, deliberately to control urination fidget starts with a 2.5-3 years. However, the doctor also contends that the kids can make some strides in a year and a half, and even in 6 months. Every child is different, the sooner parents begin to teach him to pee on the potty the better.

Where to start?

Familiarity with the pot should start gradually. Initially, it may interest the child as a toy. Kids often "lead to the toilet" Teddy bears and also come up with other interesting classes to learn new thing. When the parents see that pot does not cause the child negative emotions, we can safely remove the diaper. The main thing is to detect the time interval of urination, and regularly offer a child is empty. We should not expect that in the first days, weeks, maybe even months, the baby will be alone to ask the toilet. It should be remembered that wet pantyhose baby – it's not his fault, but parents. At least in the early stages of exploring the pot.
Familiarity with the pot should be started gradually, initially it can become a funny toy for baby.

When a child is asking to go to the potty?

Regular driving on the potty sooner or later cause the baby reflex. It may take a few weeks or months, it depends on the age and level of development of the child. Parents should remember that fidget will never learn to pee in the potty, if you'll be wearing a diaper. Without the wet panties, and tights can not do, even with a great desire. Completely abandon diapers in the first stage is unrealistic, since no one is immune from "unexpected situation" on the street, at a party, on the road, etc. However, at home it is better to reduce their use to a minimum.
Every child is different, it may take several weeks or months before he is able to ask for a pot.

Common mistakes

You should never scold the child for what he did to himself. This is absolutely normal. Shouting can cause the baby an aversion to pot, that will complicate the situation. No need to wait two or three years, a year and a half is the perfect age to get rid of the diapers, not immediately, gradually, the child will make its first step towards independence. If fidget shows clear dissatisfaction, crying, and expressly disclaims acquaintance with the "new friend" - it is better to wait.