Convenient pot

First, you need to choose a pot which will be convenient for your child. You may have to sort through several different options until you find. It needs to be comfortable for the height and width.

Let the child likes to sit on the potty. But don't let him play with this subject. The only game you can allow a child with a pot, is a simulation of the process with toys. Let the kid puts the dolls and bears to the pot. This game will show you that the child clearly learned its purpose.

The frequency and regularity

First, the baby should be planted in the pot as often as possible. For example, do it every 20 minutes. The more the baby sits on the pot, the higher the probability that he will urinate in him, not in his pants. Secondly, it is important to do it regularly. Always before sleep, after walking and after eating, for example. If you do so, over time, the body of the baby develops the reflex after eating need to go to the toilet. To go to the potty will become part of the routine.

Praise success

Praise for the success of clips they are much more effective than swearing at the failure. Of course, mom sometimes nerves are stretched to the limit when a child constantly wets his pants, and the pot is not sitting. But you must have patience. Your censure can easily convince the toddler aversion to pot. So just quietly changing wet pants, explaining that doing so is not good. But if it is time he sat on the potty, be sure to praise him, show your sincere joy from it. Can even stick in a pot of beautiful stickers for each successful time.

Remove the diapers

Doable in 1.5 years to use diaper only for the period of sleep. Never wear it during waking hours at home. Can't always immediately change wet pants to make the kid feel that it is unpleasant. In the baby's diaper very hard to control urination: it feels bad, when and how much you peed. Whereas in wet panties quickly becomes frustrating, stimulating to hold back.

Easier to stop using the diapers to those who have reached the age of 1.5 year in the summer. In the warm season you can often offer your child to go to the toilet, ask him about it. Even when the baby refuses, bring it periodically into the bushes, if you feel that the time has come. Always take a spare set of clothes, in the event of failure to change wet pants.

More difficult for those who learns to potty in the winter. But even in the cold season, you can find ways to not to wear a diaper for a walk. For example, try to go outside right after the kid peed, and walk long. Drink better to give back. Then you will be able to abandon the use of diapers.

Alternatives to pot

If you have tried many models, and the child still doesn't want to sit on the potty, you can teach him to control urination and other ways.

Some boys are initially more like to stand during the process and watch the jet. In this case, you can put the baby in the bath or on the edge. This should be done frequently and regularly, as in the case of using the potty. Include little water pressure in the sink to the sound of the water stimulated urination.

Another alternative to pot – grown-up toilet. Here you can come up with several options. Almost all kids love to imitate adults. But the parents are not sitting on the pot. For a start you can put it next to the toilet in the bathroom. But if this does not help and desire to sit on the pot does not appear, then buy a special children's showerhead on the toilet. Child 1.5 years, it is possible to explain that he now goes to the toilet like an adult. Of course, before this you have to allow the child to see why adults use the toilet. Your a living example of a good complement verbal instructions.

For a boy it will be convenient also to purchase the step, so he could "go small" standing on it. It is advisable to pre-kid saw, as does dad.

The most important thing is to teach the child to keep the first urge to urinate and to teach him to pee regularly on the potty or the toilet. Someone in 1.5 years may suffer an hour, and not more than 30 minutes. Carefully observe your child: over time you will begin to notice when he needs the toilet. Thus it is not necessary to demand from the kid in 1.5 years, so he immediately began to ask. Much more important for him at this period – the understanding of the purpose of the pot. Awareness and voicing your desires will come much later.