Specify the subject of the article. The choice of the topic depends on the format of the conference in which you participate. If it has highly specialized character and devoted to discussion of scientific questions, use the title of the special vocabulary and terminology. If the conference will be attended by the professionals from different industries, would be more appropriate journalistic style and the wording of the theme as a problematic issue. The topic should not be too wide, otherwise the conference you will have to answer a number of questions not directly related to your report. Too narrow a topic, you will reduce the significance of the article.
Work through the material on the topic. Serious article presupposes the existence of a theoretical part in which you summarize the experience of researchers who developed this topic before, analyze their findings and explain how it relates to your work. Show yourself a competent specialist who is familiar with classic works and new publications. This part of the report is the Foundation on which you can build your own conclusions.
Write research part of the job. In this section, you introduce your point of view. Tell us about the scope of its work, the data you have. Be logical and consistent. Pushing the thesis, prove it and give some examples. Divide the research into several sections, each of which must enter into a separate idea.
Write the introduction and conclusion. You can start writing an article with an introductory section, however, better to do it when the work is basically ready, and you see her entirely. The introduction should begin with a brief information about the field you are studying. Mark the object, subject, aim and methods of research. Explain the choice of the topic, prove its relevance. Can put forward a working hypothesis that you should confirm or refute the conclusion. The conference should not orally pronounce all these points. The best solution is to bring them through a computer presentation. In conclusion, we repeat all of the findings on the research part of the article.
Make a title page, contents, bibliography. You must make arrangements to have a sample of correct formatting of the report. In the bibliography include all the sources used, placing it in alphabetical order. The credibility of the article adds the use of both domestic and foreign sources.