Of course, there are various options for selecting stone for the Zodiac sign. According to one of them, Aries should choose sardonyx, Taurus – agate, emerald or carnelian; Gemini – Topaz, Cancers – chalcedony or turquoise, Lions – Jasper. Virgo astrologers suggest aventurine and garnet, Libra the beryl, Scorpio – amethyst, Sagittarius – blue, Capricorn – chrysoprase, Aquarius – rhinestone and Fish – sapphire. You will be able to choose the stone for your sign and on the decade in which you were born.
Another interesting option is the selection of stone-a talisman for blood group, who invited famous naturopath James Adamo. According to his research, people with same blood group suitable stones of a certain color. For those who have I blood he recommends the stones color from yellow-orange to red and purple. The owners of II and IV groups, which are energetically similar to each other, he recommends to choose the stones blue and green tones. More complex recommendations received by those who have blood group III – for stimulation of physiological and mental activity, they will approach stones of red and orange tones to tune into reminiscences and reflections – purple stones, and the nerves will calm them products them blue and green stones.
You can pick up the stones and the properties that, according to the people they possess. So, according to legends, chrysoprase, Topaz, amethyst and carnelian bring its owner wealth; opal and amethyst – beauty; rhinestone – luck; heliotrope, carnelian and agate – longevity, Jasper – happiness.
When choosing a stone, forget everything you've read and know about them, tune in to your inner feelings. Look around the whole window, consider all placed stones on it, take the one that attracted you, just hold it in your hand. If there is a feeling of warmth in the chest and in the hand – then this is your stone.