So, according to biblical beliefs, born in January of protection will serve as the jacinth and garnet, February – amethyst, March – aquamarine and Jasper, April – diamond, zircon and sapphire, may - emerald, agate and nephrite, June – pearl, July – onyx and ruby, in August, moon stone, carnelian, and sardonyx, September – chrysolite, and sapphire, October – opal, beryl and aquamarine, November – Topaz, December – turquoise or blue zircon.
You may be confused by the fact that different horoscopes will advise you completely different stones. If you can't choose your stone on them, then just read about those properties, which are attributed to different stones and select the one that by its "nature" appeals to you the most. You can also choose the stone the color of the eyes or buy jewelry with stones matching the color of your clothes.
Astrological Mineralogy based on a logical approach to choosing your stone, it should harmoniously to influence and adjust the properties of human nature to strengthen those qualities that are considered positive and weaken the negative traits. Such stones are called talismans.
So, stones of red and shades of garnet, ruby, contraindicated for people aggressive, short-tempered and irritable, but they are recommended to be people with a gentle nature, timid and shy. Emerald encourages all of his best qualities, so it is recommended to wear everything. The controversial recommendations come from astrologers on the choice of the opal. It is not for everyone and it should not give, because he promotes hatred between you and those who gave a stone.
But amulets designed to protect the person, so choose it should be knowing that you pose a threat. If you follow the zodiac, the Aries stone-amulet amethyst is a pinkish-purple shades for Taurus – agate, for Twins – beryl, for Cancers – emerald, for Lviv – ruby for Dev – Jasper green or yellow-red color Scale – a clear, colorless gemstones: rhinestone, diamond, Scorpions – yellow Topaz for Sagittarius – greenish turquoise, for Capricorn – yellow-green opals, for Aquarius – sapphire Fish – yellow-green transparent chrysolites.
Try to "communicate" with the selected stone, ask at a jewelry store to give it to you. If you feel that you like each other that stone as if warms your hand, lying in the palm, this stone is yours.