You will need
  • The donor car, tires for driving on sand, a set of shock absorbers, steel pipes, welding machine, power tools set.
Find on the Internet or in the reference drawings of the buggy, which is going to be done by hand.
We produce the steel frame according to the drawings. Cut to size steel tube and weld them into a single structure.
Dismantle the donor car. Measure the points of attachment of the power unit and gearbox. You can use the cardboard for making the pattern.
Transfer the pattern on the welded frame buggy. Mark the mounting point of attachment and weld metal sites in these places. Drills holes for fixing details.
Installed on the welded frame, engine and transmission. Take control of a buggy on the driver's seat – fixed pedals and gearshift lever, adjusting their position for themselves. Weld or fix the controls with the help of bolts and nuts. Install the locknuts or the cotter pins that prevent unauthorized loosening of parts.
Move the steering gear from the car donor Assembly on the welded frame. Mark the fixing points are installed on buggy steering column.
Installed the seat from the car. Customize the location for the growth and planting of the owner of the buggy. Mark the fixing points and fix the seat rails by welding or threaded connections.
Set of wheels, shocks, gas tank, lights, temperature control devices and engine speed. refillable buggy technical liquids. Painted steel frame with spray paint.