Advice 1: How to build a gyroplane

For most people a fascinating journey and adventure – a welcome pastime. Anyhow, because so many positive emotions and unique experience it gives, especially when we are talking about traveling on the aircraft. By the way, to build the gyro by hand.
How to build a gyroplane
You will need
  • The dural tube (the cross-section of 5x5 cm and 3-milimetrovym wall thickness), electric drill, brackets, bolts, MB, wheel axle, seat, rubber Luggage truck, webbing, foam cushion, upholstered with fabric, brake device, pedals, counterweights and the tail wheel.
Fabricate axial and keel beams, using the dural tube. The holes in the beams is performed so that the drill drills only touched the inner part of walls. Drill right bracket through the hole at the base of it pressed against the mast. Screw the left side bracket using the holes attached to the right bracket. Beams ready.
Slightly bevel the base of the mast, this will allow you to install it with a slope, so the rotor blades will have an angle of attack of nine degrees. It is necessary for the emergence of a lifting force.
Attach the axial beam to the keel with four bolts MB. To the ends of the beam axial screw wheel axle.
Attach the backrest and seat frame, first among themselves and then to the mast of a gyroplane. Here's how: put on the frame of the seat rings, by cutting them off before their rubber camera trucks. Put on top of cloth-covered foam pad and tie her ribbons properly.
The pens of the fork of the front wheel gyrocopterand hang the brake device.
Screw the pedal is designed to control an aerodynamic wheel. The pedals attach the pieces of rope that extend to the hog steering.
Attach the farm to the airspeed indicator.
Rivet the plate in the points of attachment of the keel beam from the tail to the stabilizer. This needs to be done to increase the stiffness of the connection.
Attach to the aerodynamic horn two counterweight: 350 grams each. They are necessary to eliminate the phenomenon of flutter.
Screw the tail wheel at the end of the keel beam.
Check all the pins, because the rise in the air on a malfunctioning gyro can be fatal for you!
Useful advice
Glue the individual elements better epoxy glue to the flat surface, in order to prevent even the slightest shift.

Advice 2: How to build a farm

Living in a private home, many are thinking about opening your farm. The most simple and logical, where to start is the breeding of chickens. Fresh eggs are an ideal product for a healthy Breakfast. So first put on stream production of eggs, and then think about the pigs and cows. For this you need to build a chicken farmthat was where the bird to breed. Standard small chicken farm consists of a chicken coop, corral for walking chickens and feeders in the paddock. In winter, the feeder can be placed in the chicken coop.
With this and start a farm
Usually, chicken coops are made from wood. Still, because wood is much cheaper than many other materials, and working with him is a pleasure. So, you can make a chicken coop out of wood. But if pestering rodents type rats and mice, it is necessary to fill the first pad of concrete with dimensions slightly larger than the dimensions of the future of the coop. Through this concrete will not be able to squeeze in rodents, and the Foundation concrete will be great. On this Foundation you can already set the walls of the barn, made of crafted from splinters of large sandpaper boards.
The roof is better to make beams, adding to the layer of plywood. From within the roof we can insulate the ceiling from the foam. Quite useful will be vent Windows that during the severe frosts you will need to close. To adjust the temperature, you can by frozen in the troughs the chickens water. If it freezes, put the additional heating, which may be an electric heater. In winter it is advisable to give the chickens a break from socks eggs by regulating photoperiod and temperature in the chicken coop.
To chickens did not starve during your absence, take care of the construction of the chicken house feeders. It can be made from wood and metal. She should be cone shaped and provide cover. As soon as the chickens will eat feed grain will fall down, replenishing the bird feeder.
In the chicken coop, built in a private house, not necessarily to do big trough, for a long time especially if you from home or not to leave you have someone to keep an eye on the chickens in your absence. Here you can get small wooden manger in the form of a narrow trough. You can also combine wood with metal, making the case from wood, and deepening, which will nazyvatsya food from a sheet of sheet metal, curved in the right places.
Before the construction of the henhouse calculate whether you have enough space for special enclosure where you can let the chickens out. A fence made of metal mesh, mounted on a frame of firmly dug into the ground metal pipes. The height of the fence should be high enough to her could not jump over adult chicken. It's still a bird. Take the fence of the enclosure for walks, special attention, because if a chicken gets in the garden, she can do a lot of things.
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