The easiest way to do the mooring pontoon. For its construction fit the usual a-liter plastic bottle with a recess in the upper part (it is needed for mounting the bottle). Collect 300-400 bottles with lids, close them. Then staple between 180-240 bottles, and divided them into 3 units. This will be the base of the pier. Then collect bottles from the side bumpers - each should contain 50-60 bottles.
How to build <strong>jetty</strong>
The top of the floating piercan be made of boards, of Styrofoam or other lightweight material. Now we need to build a pier on the shore. Beat in the ground 2 piles deep. Attach them to the hinges 2, the pipe diameter of 60 mm, which is attached to the pontoon. This pier will survive the change in river level of up to 2 meters. In winter, it can be removed from the piles and removed.
How to build <strong>jetty</strong>
Can be fixed and the pier. Type in the soil on the banks and bottom of river or lake 6-8 screw piles. They should enter as deeply as possible. It is better to install the piles in the winter when ice is present, drill holes in it. If the pier is on the river, piles must be ledyanye, if the lake is normal. On the river it is better to put the pier in the form of letters, Weld to the pile corners and secure them to the platform of boards, leaving a gap between them of 5 mm for drainage of moisture and ventilation . Treat the platform a good antiseptic.
How to build <strong>jetty</strong>