The thing is that men with childhood tell me I need to be strong, not give up and never to cry. And women become accustomed to this and already frustrated at the sight of his lover lost or even irritated. So you need to understand that much of the success of men depends on the woman, and then you will be able to perceive the crises as challenges that you just have to cope.
Remember that you must remain calm and in any case not to multiply the panic of his men. At first it may seem that he is silent (which is what men do when they are bad), so hiding something from you. And then there are stupid ideas and suspicions, but all this should not be. Your instant questions and tension you only multiply the complexity of the situation. Therefore, I keep myself in his hands.
Next, surround my man with care, love and comfort. If he came home from work, no questions asked give him to undress, serve the most delicious dinner, turn on some soft music, light a candle. You can even make a soothing massage, or just gently massage the head and collar area. At this point the main thing that the man is very relaxed, and the oppressive thoughts seemed to leave him.
Go for a joint walk in the Park, view along the lake, feed the ducks. At this moment, when a man understands that you are next and love it, you can begin to tactfully ask what had happened. It will be open to you, no doubt.
Having listened carefully, not interrupting, say a few words of understanding. Expressing his opinion on the situation, be careful not to hurt the man with his cue. Anticipate reactions in advance.
Help him in everything: to get ready for work, iron a shirt, to print the report. And all - no questions asked. Household and small technical problems can spoil the mood in an instant, if the soul of man is restless. So remove all these responsibilities from the shoulders of his men.
Offer your support. Men are pretty simple and straightforward, and women have natural cunning and wisdom, so show it in this situation. For example, if your loved one has a fight with a friend, offer to arrange a truce, going together with families to any event that can unite all. For example, in football.
Most importantly, be calm and patience and always give a man to understand that you are nearby. No need to say many words, just a large Board and your comprehensive care to beloved man survived his difficult situation without loss, but with gratitude to you.