Don't bother with annoying questions to a friend in a difficult situation. Many people tend to withdraw into themselves in severe emotional grief. Therefore, all the requests of "tell me what happened, will only cause resentment on the part of the sufferer. The important thing is that you notice the anxiety and excitement of each. If he can't immediately tell you about the reasons for his condition, he did not impose their communication, and just be there.
To give a feel for friend support, even if you are not able to help with advice. The person experiencing grief, sorrow or disappointment, it is important to know that he is not alone. You can be around or offer to help in the home. Be calm and balanced. If one man survives, the other must give him a sense of calm and strength.
Be prepared to listen to other. When the first strong emotions lessen, person is important to speak out, to Express their experiences, feelings, fears - everything that had accumulated in his heart. Do not get stuck in his speech, don't interrupt, you better brew a calming tea with herbs or just hug and sit close. It is very important at this point to give a friend the opportunity to tell all the details and the reasons for its grief.
After you have listened to him, soberly assess the situation. From any of life's woes is a reasonable output, as well as all problems have solutions. On a calm, sober seems easier, so other so we need your help and thoughtful advice. Tell only real action, not fantasizing that everything will work itself out. Advice should be practical and specific.
Don't let negative assessments of what is happening, don't judge the actions of anotherthat caused trouble in his life. Now he needs help and support, the criticism in this situation is inappropriate, save it for another occasion.
Distract other problems. If you fail to pull it at a noisy party (which is not always appropriate), then go to the cinema together or just have a walk in the Park. People will feel your concern and that his feelings and mental condition of concern to you.
Don't let the other fall into a long depression. It's very bad for your overall health. Give him psychological help, let's talk about what all happens in life unpleasant situation that make people stronger. Real inconvenience - it's an experience. It is not necessary to give up, you need to overcome all the bad and strive for the best.