When selecting style wear, you should consider several factors. First, the profession. If women say goodbye to some of the liberty style in the office, a man in a rumpled cotton - very fashionable - pants becomes the first candidate for dismissal in companies with strict dress code. Secondly, shape features. Men of small stature should choose a longitudinal line, pulling the figure up; full - to adhere to the same rules and to avoid bright colors, emphasizing the problem areas. Furthermore, the narrow clothes can afford only representatives of the stronger sex with a perfect figure. Too slim tight outfit making quite subtle. The rule for all types of shapes - clothes should sit perfectly and be the right size. Otherwise, the man will look like a teenager who has outgrown their britches, or, conversely, wearing a suit from my dad's shoulder.
Look at fashion magazines for men or websites dedicated to latest fashion trends. There will certainly be a page for the stronger sex. Notice what style of clothing is now the most popular. Find photos and imagine how these things will sit on you. Go to the store and find a similar model in a variety of variations and colours. Most likely, you will be able to find something that is perfect for you.
Should take things slow and stay on the ground approached the style. Try a few - casual, business, sports. Each of them is appropriate at the time. In the wardrobe of men should not be exactly the same things. Buy clothes of different styles, but similar in color and appearance models. Then not only will you look fashionable in any environment, but also be able to combine items, creating something completely new.
If you have chosen your style of dress but want something special, use accessories. Glasses, watches, scarves, hats, exclusive shoes are able to give even the most ordinary suit of charm and sophistication. To pick them up is even better than the outfit. Accessories shall match color of at least one article of clothing.