Now the new status underlines a good classic suit, since business people usually go into strict office dress. Of course, this is not a very comfortable garment, but such are the demands of the dress code, and comfortable shoes and sports clothes are laid on weekends and holiday period. Well-cut and tailored suit must have the perfect fit and growth. Ideally, the pants touch the Shoe front and heel of shoes back, socks should not be visible when walking.

For everyday office life discreet, preferably in dark colours suit will be the best kit. Business people should avoid bright, contrasting colors, possible subtle pattern of barely visible cells or very thin stripes on the fabric. Welcome harmony in everything: the color scheme of the suit, shirt and tie, everything must blend together.

Confirmation of excellent business style are plain light shirt, which will favourably complement any suit and tie. Addition to the classic tailored suit can be only boots or shoes, dark leather without varnish. The belt should match in color with the shoes. With the tie easier, it is a few shades lighter than the suit, but darker than the shirt. The pockets of the suit is not intended for use, rare exception of the inside pocket of his jacket. It is important to remember that the bottom button of his jacket, never button.

Perfect business style consists of many components, but the most important thing is quality, well made suit.