Rate in front of the mirror your figure. If she really fits the description complete, then discard the whole wardrobe of clothes beige, cream and pastel shades such garments will make you look heavier stronger).
Choose not without the help of a third-party adviser (seen better), what will be the style of a new wardrobe. Approach to the selection of a new image especially seriously. Don't buy those things, the relevance of which in the closet is debatable.
Do not buy items clothing featuring geometric patterns or large stripes of any additional pattern visually look fat. The exception is the small picture.
Choose only lightweight and soft fabric for suits.
Prefer a wide collar, with sharp corners, if you hold a full neck.
Focus on the length of at least 15 cm below the knee when choosing a coat. When the length of the figure does not look fat.
Do not wear double breasted jackets and baggy, prefer them slim. Choosing a jacket with slit"slit" on the back, you should stay on the model exclusively with one such cut.
Possible, give up pleats. Never keep hands in pockets.
Buy only those jackets, jackets and coats, the sleeves of which tapered. This visually narrows the figure.
Pay attention to pants with suspenders. If you have a big belly, then stop your choice on these pants. Note that the pants worn with suspenders should be half an inch longer and half an inch wider in the waist.
When selecting shoes, focus on simple models, classic footwear without unnecessary decorations and drawings. Choose a color dark, nose not too pointed and not too square.
Do not purchase a strap wider than 3 inches, and prefer a buckle in a classic style. Polished buckle with decorative items attracts people's attention to the large belly.
Never fill your pockets with documents, wallet and various small things. The extra bulge on the clothes visually complete.