The procedure of calculation of maternity benefits in 2015

It will remain the same, i.e. less beneficial for expectant mothers than it was in 2013. Of deducted the amount of maternity leave maternity, child care, periods of exemption from work, extra weekends to care for a disabled child.

In 2015, for the calculation of maternity will be considered income for the preceding two years – for 2013 and 2014. Revenues in 2015 will not be counted, even if the woman will go on maternity leave in December. It is not beneficial to those women who have increases in income during 2015.

For the calculation of maternity benefits will need the following initial data:

- average daily earnings in the last two years;

- the duration of leave for pregnancy and childbirth. It can be 140 days in General, 156 days if complicated childbirth or 194 days in multiple pregnancies.

To calculate the average daily wage has to add up the salary for two years, with premiums, vacation and travel. Please note that payments are considered to be without personal income tax. This does not include paid sick leave or benefits.

Of 730 days is deducted the period in which the woman was on sick leave, on leave for child care, vacation and maternity leave.

For example, in 2013, the income of women constituted:

· salary - 150000 p.;

· holiday – 15000 p.;

· quarterly bonuses – 40000 p.;

· hospital - 6000 R. (28 days).

In 2014, the income of women constituted:

· salary - 200000 p;

· holiday – 20000 R.;

· quarterly bonuses – 60000 p.;

· hospital - 4000 p (25 days).

The average daily earnings amount to: (150000+15000+40000+200000+20000+60000)/(365+365-25-28) = 485000/677=716,4 R. it Remains only to multiply the said amount by the number of days of maternity leave. So, in General, the size of maternity will be 100 296 p. (716,4*140).

If independent calculations of maternity seem complicated, you can use one of the online calculators that are based on the data entered, will allow to perform the calculations. One of his examples is presented here

The minimum amount of maternity in 2015

In 2015 he is 27 455,34 R. in normal childbirth, 30 593,10 R. - in complicated and 38 045,26 R. in the case of multiple pregnancy (194 days). Considered on the basis of the minimum wage in 2015 for a year – R. 5965 (5965/730*24*140).

If you have a smaller amount of maternity, below this amount, you still do not get it.

The maximum amount of maternity benefits in 2015

Maternity allowance can not be higher than the statutory level. The fact that the employer makes contributions to the social insurance Fund with the whole of the employee's salary and only income, a lower limit level.

In 2015, takes account of the maximum levels in 2013 and 2014. Their size were, respectively, 568 and 624 thousand rubles Respectively, if your total annual income was above, you should still expect Fiat to limit earnings.

On the basis of these values it turns out that the maximum amount of maternity in 2015 will be 228602,73 R.((568000+624000)/730*140). Accordingly, when birth complications arise, the figure is 254 728,77 R., in multiple pregnancies - 316 778,08 R.

What other payoffs at birth?

This lump-sum benefit at birth of a child in a fixed amount (in 2015 it will increase to 14497,80 R.), and the allowance at registration in early terms of pregnancy, its size for 2015 – 543,67 R.). In addition, the woman may be eligible for additional regional and Federal payments, if available (e.g., Maternal capital).

Maternity allowance for unemployed

Maternity payments are not entitled. But they can get a lump-sum payment for early registration of antenatal clinics, and the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth in a fixed amount.

The only category of unemployed citizens, which can still count on some payments, it is women who were dismissed within 12 months in connection with liquidation of the organisation or termination of activity as an individual entrepreneur (advocate, notary). However, the amount of maternity for such mothers more than modest. In 2015 it is 543,67 p. per month. For the calculation of maternity in this case, you must 543,67*140 days of maternity leave (or 156/194)/30 days. It turns out that total payments will amount to 2537,13 R.

How to calculate the maternity allowance to individual entrepreneurs

Individual entrepreneurs can receive maternity allowance only, provided that they are registered to the social insurance Fund on a voluntary basis and paid insurance premiums for 2014.

SP with any yield can rely solely on minimum benefits. Of course, it is unlikely that such an approach can be considered fair. For example, FIU SP must share 1% of income more than 300 thousand it is often the total amount of taxes paid into the funds year exceeds obtained maternity. Also the salaries of the entrepreneur and the deductions from it are not made on the basis of the minimum wage, and on the basis of regional minimum, which at times exceeds it. Most entrepreneur have to settle for 27 thousand.

How to get maternity allowance

It is necessary to apply to their employer with the relevant statement and provide a medical certificate obtained at week 30 in the antenatal clinic. Allowance must appoint within 10days and pay on the day nearest paycheck.

Entrepreneurs who are voluntarily insured in the FSS, it is necessary to write the application addressed to the Fund.