To obtain benefits for pregnancy and childbirth , you should contact the antenatal clinic at 30 week of pregnancy and get a piece of temporary disability. Next you need to provide a statement and sick leave at your place of work.
If you have worked in last place more than 6 months and want to know what is the amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, it is possible to contact in the accounting Department and to ask in advance about payment. Hospital period lasts for 140 calendar days in case of normal pregnancy (70 days before birth and 70 after), in a multiple pregnancy , the period increases to 194 days (84 days before the birth and 110 after). If is detected at birth multiple pregnancy, the hospital issued a mother additional sheet of disability by 40 calendar days.
Leave for pregnancy and childbirth is based on the average earnings of the employee, but may not exceed the limit. That is, if you get a higher salary 35 000 rubles, or more than 34 583 roubles in a month (the amount of sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth in 2010), you will not be able to.
If you get paid less than the maximum limit, leave for pregnancy and childbirth is calculated from average earnings for the 12 months, the calculation takes into account the amount of premiums, vacation and sick leave. So it was in 2010. But all pregnant women need to take into consideration that since 2011, entered into force a new law whereby it is considered a benefit in new ways. That is, maternity leave will be calculated as the average salary of the employee divided by 730 days (number of days in 2 years). From 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012 inclusive the pregnant woman can choose what she will accrue sick leave. About your desire it is necessary to inform the accounting Department and write a statement.