Rules male pickup

Before you start the conversation, you need to create a good atmosphere. Man, which causes positive emotions, attracts a woman. The conversation is easier to build when mutual interest. If a man is in the woman's antipathy, the conversation did not happen. All a man can offer a woman. The easiest way is to smile. The smile has to be sincere and open to, the woman realized real interest and smiled.

You should start the conversation, just when the eyes met. No girl will not like Intrusive and overbearing, and the audacity of it all can be intimidating. Before you start the conversation, you need to pay attention to themselves. Enough to go near her, but not too close. Comfort zone – within arm's length, as she realizes that the man is not just so, and with it.

Better keep the conversation on neutral topics. We should not touch in conversation, personal topics, it is better to talk about the weather, about the environment, ask where she goes. You can never be too obsessive or download the girl with too many questions, it might spook her.

Do not be afraid to show your interest, she must understand the intentions of the young man. The girl will be very pleased if she realizes that appealing to him. Even beauties usually are dissatisfied with their appearance, and thus compliments are always appropriate. However, it is not worth it and constantly talking about her appearance. You can pay attention to themselves, to tell something interesting about yourself.

To meet women can be everywhere. Many pick-uppers choose to explore the same places: restaurants, cafes, night clubs. It makes sense to choose some neutral place: street, Park, shopping center, bus stop, metro. Chances to meet women in a neutral place increase.

Rules of the women's pickup truck

The rules of pickup is applicable not only for men. The lessons of seduction now actively exploring and women who wish to succeed in dealing with the opposite sex.

First and foremost it should be noted that the women's pickup is still different from men's. If a man must learn to do the first step and get to know, then girl you must create all conditions so that the guy had a desire to establish contact. It is important to show the man your interest and willingness to talk.

Of course, it would first need to attract people's attention. To make it easy. You need to establish eye contact, and then a charming smile. You should not hesitate to share with a man looks, so she can assess it. It is very important to know how to present themselves in a good light, to show themselves in the best light and to emphasize your strengths. This is unlikely to leave man indifferent. By the way, is girls and some confusion, but only to a small extent.

When a man doesn't make with girls eye is to look away to the side, supposedly in an easy reverie. Such a quick change of mood will cause the man of interest. The girl seems to him mysterious. However, the frown is not necessary. You need to be relaxed, not tense. By the time her show the view that she was bored alone, the guy is likely already fully "ready" for Dating.

Of course, there are easier way to talk to a man first. As a rule, from conversations with girls guys don't give up. At the same time some serious conversations at the first meeting to lead not necessarily. Enough of the word "Hello". Then you can give a boy a minor compliment, for example, noting how well he picked up the tie for the suit. Of course, the main thing – do not forget a charming smile. Strike up a conversation, by the way, will, if you refer to the young man and with some small request, for example, to show the way.