Before adding to the operational laptop memory, check the configuration of installed devices and possibility of their replacement. Including consider add operational memory and purchase a strap of the appropriate scope and standard that will fit in your laptop. Also useful would be to read the manual on repair and maintenance of your laptop model. Download it from the manufacturer's website. In it you will find all necessary information regarding any transactions which can, if desired, to perform on their own, without resorting to service centers, saving thus money.
Many models assume a simplified user access to modules of memory for its extension or replacement. So often there is no corresponding need to disassemble the whole computer, as it happens, for example, when cleaning the fan of dust or replacing the keyboard. At the same time, your laptop model may have their own design features, so please check your action to dismantle the operational memory in the manual.
To add to the laptop's operational memory, perform the steps in the following order:
• Completely turn off the laptop;
• Remove all attached external devices, the cord that supplies the power and remove the battery pack;
• From the bottom of the laptop remove the screw that secures the compartment cover memory (if your model computer has a corresponding structure), and, having raised, remove the cover.
• Open the clamps holding the bar to the operational memory in the appropriate slot, and gently remove the module memory.
• Collect the laptop with a new strap of the operational memory in the reverse sequence.