You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver, Speccy.
There are several options for installing the new bar of RAM in the laptop. Either you completely change those boards that are already installed, or add one or two new ones.
In any case, it is necessary to define some of the characteristics that should have a new Board RAM. Start with the definition of its type. It can be the following types: DDR1, DDR2, or DDR3 DIMMs.
Install one of the programs that displays the status of your computer and give an accurate description of the devices. Most popular in this area is a utility Everest. We consider as example the program Speccy.
Install and run this utility. Open the menu "memory". The display will show a window where you can find all the necessary information. Let's take a closer look at the first paragraph:the number of memory slots - 2
Occupied memory slots - 2
Free memory slots - 0.As you can see from the above, this motherboard employs both slots for the RAM. You can display other information.
Carefully study paragraphs "Слот1" and "Слот2:Type - DDR3
Volume - 2048 MB
Bandwidth is PC3-10700 (667 MHz).T.e. you will need to purchase DDR3 memory, the volume of which will be more than 2 GB, and frequency - not less than 667 MHz. In this case, you will ensure the maximum performance of laptop.
To install the new Board of RAM you'll need to partially disassemble the laptop. Usually the RAM slots are hidden behind a separate cover, i.e. you will have to Unscrew 3-4 screws. Remove the old bar from memory, or insert a new one (if there are free slots).
Of course, all operations for the replacement of equipment is necessary to make off with a laptop. Turn on your mobile computer and make sure that the new RAM is defined and is stable.