Check for slots

Standard configuration of modern netbooks rarely involves more than 2 GB of RAM. This means that to increase the speed of operation of the device, you must install an additional plank which might increase this figure several times.

Not all laptops support memory expansion, and therefore you must verify the possibility of surgery. Take a screwdriver and Unscrew the plastic flap for the straps of RAM. Cover covers part of the hardware device and is intended for replacement of the memory without requiring disassembly of the whole body.

Check the availability of additional slots for memory. If you see another free slot, so the extra RAM is possible. If both slots are occupied, the only option to increase performance would be to buy new memory modules larger volume.

Buying a new strap

Buy a new bar of RAM. For example, it is advisable to buy a device that has 1 GB of RAM, one or more laths on 1 GB. Or if your device is only one slot for RAM, purchase straps instead of 1 GB cost for 2 GB.
When selecting the RAM, pay attention to straps, a clock whose frequency is approximately equal to the same value as pre-installed in a netbook module.

Do not buy the memory, which is many times greater than the preset. A large amount of RAM affects the life of the netbook without charging due to the increase in energy consumption. Also, too much memory may just be not identified by the computer because it exceeded the allowable limit on the amount of RAM.
Before buying it is desirable to take the old RAM module with you to the sellers store component can select the appropriate type of RAM used under the netbook plug.


The process of installation of memory can vary depending on the device type and model of the netbook. Pry off the clips that fix the memory in the slot, and then install the bar so that it is easily entered into the correct slot. After installing the strap clips will automatically lock.
Increasing the amount of RAM will have a positive impact on the performance of the netbook in games and intensive applications.

Attach the previously retrieved the cover, and tighten its bolts. Start the computer and test it. Setting the bar completed.