. To develop self-control , methodical work helps with both mental and physical components of your body. In ancient times Indian yogis noticed that the combination of physical exercises (asanas) with breathing exercises significantly affects not only the muscles of the human body, but also on his psyche, especially the emotional component. Yoga makes a person more balanced and conscious.
Observations of ancient yogis were subsequently fully confirmed by the researches of modern physiologists have proved that the tension or relaxation of the muscles of the body is directly related to the psychological state of a person and can be successfully used for the development of emotional self-control. Any physical activity helps reduce emotional stress and finding balance.
No less effective for the attainment of internal self-control techniques work with the consciousness: meditation, prayer, auto-trainings. Such regular work with my own psyche significantly develops emotional stability and self-control of the individual. One learns not just externally, to keep their emotions and to regulate them on your own.
Great importance for the development of self-control is self-discipline and develop certain habits. Volitional effort required to track their own behavior and make the necessary actions, forced to control their emotions and regulate them appropriately. An efficient method for the development of self-control is to develop a system of incentives and reminders to yourself.