Since man is a social being, the ability to control their emotional displays is often a necessity. And at work, and at home the ability to manage feelings is a valuable social skill, indicating the maturity of the person.
Undisciplined emotionally the person is often at the forefront of conflict situations that can lead to undesirable consequences, whether dismissal or rupture of the marital relationship. It is no secret that our physical health is directly related to emotions and ability to cope with stress. How to learn to control it? And can it be done?
First of all, it must be remembered that the most dangerous are the emotions that carry a negative connotation. Irritation, anger, resentment, and anger can lead to the development of malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases.
If you feel the onset of anger, try to escape from a situation which caused it, and invite yourself to participate in the inner conversation with himself. This approach will allow you to track your feelings and the true source of their occurrence. Internal dialogue will also help to make an assessment of the situation, to understand the possible negative consequences of its development. In most cases it turns out that the harm from the continuation of the conflict is not worth to spend time, nerves and health.
General recommendations for the management of their emotions are as follows: accept your feelings, understand the underlying causes that triggered them to life. If a feeling appears you quite often and in similar situations, think about the fact that the total present in these situations.
It is pointless to try to punish yourself for the manifestation of any feelings. Remember that the emotional sphere of the personality is its integral part, which indicates that something in your world is not quite as you would like.
Euphoria – a completely normal physiological response to regulate mental life. The expression of feelings contributes to the release of unnecessary internal stress. It is only important to release the emotional charge remained in a socially acceptable limits and do not violate someone else's dignity, morality and law.
Is it possible to change your feelings? In most cases, it is possible, though requires certain skills of self-regulation. For example, if you have negative experiences in relation to a work colleague, don't keep it to yourself. Formulate their claims and tell them to in the correct form. Sometimes it turns out that the situation ceases to be tense, and all the negativity disappears.
Of course, sometimes you can not do without competent advice of a specialist psychologist who will help you to better know yourself and to select appropriate methods to gain you the ability to control themselves.