To play "Grasshopper" on the piano, find a white key to the right of the two black. This is the key. Using one white key to the left of "La". White klavesnicu them – "si". Play in a steady rhythm: do-La-do-La-do-si-si. This is the first line "Grasshopper".
Not forgetting first learned the notes, add to them the black key to the left of the "a" - "g sharp". Play the second string in the same smooth rhythm: b-g sharp-C-g-sharp-b-s-until.
Repeat the first line. Then the second, changing a little the end (instead of two "to" one).
Chorus "Grasshopper": La-si-si-si-si, si-to-to-to-to, up-to-si-La-Sol sharp, La, La. The line is repeated twice, the second time the last note "La" is not repeated.