Insulation. The neighbors do not understand, if you even occasionally will record a full drum set or working in the full sound of the electric guitar. In addition, conversations with the wall will affect your work in the form of noise and unpleasant backgrounds. So as not to annoy or to others, nor myself, upholster the walls with blankets, felt, make multi-layered plastic Windows.
Computer. Special requirements for sound production does not show, but the sound card should be good, class "professional" ("music"). Built-in or even the game map will not work. The price range of these cards varies from 3000 to 5000 R. or higher.
Software. Audio editors, plug-ins and other virtual means of recording in the modern world very much. For the development attend specialized courses, look for websites dedicated to creating music in a Studio and electronic styles.
USB interface. It's an external device connecting an external sound card with the computer. Unlike internal maps, external does not depend on the noise in the computer and therefore requires no extra processing of the sound after recording. There are other pluses that you will notice when comparing the audio from one card with another type.
Preamp. Preferred preamp tube, based on semiconductor circuit. Due to this, the sound becomes more beautiful, clean, rich. This is evident as in vocal and instrumental recording.
The mixing Desk. Its purpose is to facilitate the work with multiple audio sources at the same time. It facilitates the recording and track mixing allows you to change the frequency and volume of each voice separately. In any Studio it is needed, and you need to attend to such purchase.
The portable Studio can serve as an alternative to all these devices. It already has built-in CPU, and control, and a drum machine, and other options. To use it, just connect your sound source, hit the record button – work!
Microphone. There are two main types – dynamic and condenser, identified by a method of forming sound. The second type is more sensitive, but not quality. For the specific case of writing, it is better to have microphones both types.
Headphones. Their quality depends on perception of the recorded track, a sound engineer, so it is important to choose a powerful enough speaker system. Suitable for beginners of the company M-Audio, Behringer, and Shure. As you experience the taste you will acquire individual features, and you will understand what phonics is right for your style.