The account number that is tied to a plastic card is rather sensitive information should be communicated only to persons and organizations with whom you make your financial transactions. In order to find out the score cards Visa, open the special envelope you received in the Bank together with plastic card. In the envelope (or, in some cases on the envelope) will be listed dvadtsatiletnej number, which is the account number of your credit card. In addition to the numbers in this column indicate the currency of this account in Russian ruble (RUB), us dollar (USD) or more. Copy the account number from the envelope, to prevent its loss, so as to obtain information about the account number of a plastic card may be problematic.
If you have lost the envelope on which the number of account, and records of him never left, it is available by contacting the Bank that owns your plastic card. In order to facilitate this task, please contact to the Bank branch where you received the card. The results of the relevant information upon presentation of a passport, to confirm that you are the owner of this card, and the cardor its number, printed on the front. In some cases, obtaining this kind of information you will need to say the code word, specified in the application for obtaining the card. After checking your personal data and receiving a response to the corresponding request in the banking system, the operator will give you information about the account number of the card Visa.
No other ways to obtain information about the account number of the card Visa is not possible as this information is confidential and it can only get the holder of the card.