You will need
  • A Flash-drive.
The market for computer products today large, the wide range allows to choose the optimal model. You bought flash drive can be a solid (cast) body, or with portable housing. One-piece body does not understand.
Stick with whole body. To disassemble this flash drive you will need a sharp instrument: knife or thin screwdriver. The fact that circuit Board of the flash drive is attached to the clamp which, in turn, is clipped to the body. Insert a sharp object between the retainer and the casing of your flash drive, slightly pressing down on the screwdriver, slowly rotate it in one direction, then in another. Remember that the angle of rotation should be minimal, otherwise the stick may be completely ruined. Repeat this operation in different joints of the body with a latch. After several approaches, the stick will be disassembled.
Stick with the collapsible housing. To disassemble this flash drive you will need the same tools as described above. Along the body of the stick is hardly noticeable seam. The principle of opening the stick remains the same. Carefully pry the casing with a thin object. It should be noted that in this case you loose the case from the latches to open force makes no sense. If you break the latches, the case will automatically close. Panacea in this case can only be a tape or duct tape.