You will need
  • - fennel seeds
  • - water
Pharmacy dill water prepared in complete sterility in aseptic conditions. For this purpose, the fruit Voloshskaya or pharmacy dill (fennel). Also used the fruit garden dill. Fenceline the essential oil is obtained using a special method of distillation. To prepare dill water, 0.05 grams of oil are mixed with 1 liter water and shaken. Shelf life pharmacy gripe water is one month. You need to give your newborn after feeding three times a day.
You can prepare dill water at home. Bought in the pharmacy the seed of dill is necessary to make it at the same time in this relation: a tablespoon of seeds in one liter of boiled water. To guard against intrusion with all kinds of infections, need before cooking thoroughly wash hands with soap and water.
In drugstores and bags of plantex, by which, observing all measures of sterility, it is possible to prepare dill water. You just need to dissolve the plantex in water in accordance with existing regulations. This drug contains lactose and glucose, essential oil of fennel. The plantex plant-based, which allows its use at an early age, with a two-day age.
You need to store dill water in a cool place and in glass containers. Before each use dill water has to be heated to room temperature. While breastfeeding can be taken dill water and mothers, so the mother's milk will be enriched pangelinan essential oil that will help to save a child from swelling tummy. So far not revealed any contraindications for the use of gripe water in the fight against flatulence.