To determine the correct spelling of this lexical unit, it is primarily necessary to determine what was going on. If we are talking about "home" work, domestic work, domestic worker, where the word performs the function of an adjective, "must" and "me" will be written together.
If we are talking about the combination of preposition with noun in instrumental case, e.g. "She took custody of me", "me, the sun shines brightly", "flew me a plane", "me" will be written separately. The fact that the prepositions unlike the consoles are independent parts of speech and are written separately from nouns. The pretext of "necessary" is a local variant of the preposition "on" before words that start with the letters "l" and "R" in combination with another consonant letter. In addition, the pretext of "necessary" is used in the sustained phrases of "me", "all" and in some other cases.
The pretext of "necessary" ("on") is always written separately from nouns. Examples: me, have mouth, have to ditch, the forehead and so on. Remember this rule to avoid such spelling mistakes.