And every one of lovers of quality sound have become before a choice: to ask for help to the professionals, that is, service center, or try to save money and do everything their hands. But it must be remembered that to remove the radio – not so easy, this job requires precision and accuracy. Otherwise, not be able to save money, and may even have to pay, because it is always easier to break something, you can damage the plating or plastic. So ten times think before to start to work, if you have no experience in dismantling.

If you do decide at your own risk to carry out this action yourself, remember that in order to remove the radio you need special keys to the factory. Each manufacturer mounts on the receiver is different, so be careful and carefully select a suitable tool. To do this, first you need to carefully inspect the car in the stock holes and fasteners.

Each brand of car has its own specified place under the radio, and every car radio is connected and removed in its own way.

When you install each auto-tape recorder is placed in a special plastic or metal casing. And when removing the old head unit to start with extraction of the tape from the hard case. You need to carefully pull the radio from the casing so as no to damage the wiring, and carefully disconnect all the connectors from the power supply. All manipulations with the removal of a car stereo, you need to carry out when the engine is stopped and the power off.

Using the factory tool, you need to effortlessly remove all the contacts and terminals from the tape recorder. In no case do not pull out the plug from the connectors to break. All the sockets at the rear of the car needs to be disconnected very carefully.