Minimize all Windows by clicking with the left mouse button once on the button "Minimize all Windows" located in the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar (right of the clock and date).
Click the right mouse button on a free from labels, badges and mini-applications desktop. Reveals a list of settings and parameters of the main screen.
In the list, click once with the left mouse button on the line "Personalization". Opens the settings window of the personal parameters of the circuit design of the operating system.
At the bottom of the settings window click once with the left mouse button place the "screen Saver". Will appear dialog box "screen saver Settings".
Window screen saver settings can also be opened in another way. Just go to "start" menu and type "screensaver" in the search bar "search programs and files". As you type the query above it will appear the list of results that satisfy the search conditions. In this list select "Change screen saver".
To select screen saver settings window, expand the "screen Saver" by clicking on it once with the left mouse button, and select any option. Also select the time interval after which to run the selected screen saver.