Causes of stretch marks on the skin

The stretch on the body can appear unexpectedly, both men and women. They can be of different sizes and different colors. As a rule, the form of striae depends on the reasons that led to their occurrence. The most common locations for the appearance of stretch marks, hands, chest, stomach, legs, thighs and buttocks. That is, those areas that are most susceptible to fat deposits and are able to lose weight.

The most common causes for the stretch marks on the skin include:

Severe weight loss. This is the most common cause that leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Fast weight loss in a short period of time eventually leads to the formation of stretch marks on the body. To pull and contract, the skin takes time. Thus, the desire to lose weight quickly is fraught with the appearance of stretch marks.

Hormonal changes in adolescents. The girls in puberty can develop stretch marks on the skin. This also contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle and wrong diet).

Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy. This is due to the natural hormonal adaptation of an organism of future mothers, but also with a significant increase in body weight. Often women, being in an interesting position, allow yourself to eat in excess of the norms. Over time, this leads to a significant weight gain. This contributes to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. In this case, the stretch marks are mainly formed on the thighs, buttocks, flanks and abdomen.

Stretch marks after childbirth. After the rapid weight loss skin does not always come in the same shape. In addition, Breasts are filled with milk, substantially increasing it in size. Thus there is a stretching of the skin, which contributes to the formation of stretch marks. To avoid this, one should not neglect the special slimming underwear.

Ways to get rid of stretch marks

Healthy and proper nutrition is an important component of success in the fight against striae. Experts recommend sticking to a separate and proper nutrition. You need to make your diet so that it was dominated by grain cereals, seafood and fish, fresh vegetables and fruits. The meat you should choose lean varieties of poultry or veal. Thirst you need to quench herbal or green tea, pure mineral water.

Sports needs to be on a permanent basis. Swimming and running is excellent cardio load that will help to make the body more resilient, the body slender, the skin smooth. Sports tuck the skin will lead to muscle tone and help weight loss.

A contrast shower will also help in the fight against stretch marks. It helps to increase metabolic process and restore skin elasticity.