To get rid of stretch marks is difficult, so it is better to take preventive measures at home. Massage the affected areas with your hands greased with sunflower oil, in a circular motion.
Buy in a drugstore special cosmetics from stretch marks for daily care.
Before you shower lather and scrub with the push problem areas with a handful of coarsely ground coffee to remove old skin cells.
Systematically take a contrast shower with massaging the skin with stretch marks.
After a coffee scrub or a bath can do massage with Shilajit that contains useful biological organic and inorganic substances, contributing to tissue regeneration.
Any massage must be done according to the following scheme:- start and finish the massage strokes;
- massage movements start from the wrist to the shoulder, from the foot to the buttocks and from the thighs to the chest;
- the abdominal massage clockwise circular motion;
- buttocks massage both hands from the coccyx to the edges.
With the appearance of small thin stretch marks can refer to painless cosmetic and medical care: the seaweed wrap, superficial peel.
In the case of long-term stretch marks can refer to surgical care that can forever rid you of stretch marks: chemical or laser peeling;
- subcutaneous microinjections (mesotherapy) apply before or after exfoliation treatments, enriching the skin with essential trace elements and vitamins;
- surgical removal of skin with stretch marks (abdominal plastic surgery).