The easiest way to planted in the ground ready seedling. Please note that chestnut need a fairly large space to shape a beautiful spreading crown. In this regard, the place for each tree at least 5 metres of free space around it. Well, if the place will be Sunny, but also light partial shade chestnut is also quite suitable.
Dig a hole in the form of a cube with sides of 50-60 cm to Prepare a substrate, mixing the soil with compost and 0.5 kg dolomite. Not zaglubljaja basal neck, and with the future of land subsidence raise the planting hole by 10-15 cm. Pour the seedling with plenty of water, set around it supporting struts, while the root system of the chestnut does not get stronger to withstand the wind gusts.
People who want to grow chestnut, walnut, often fail. They collect nuts, brought it home, tried his best to handle them or grow. Chestnuts either not germinate at all, or die at a very early stage. At the same time around a Mature tree can often notice new growth, lush growth going in without any tweaks.
The surprise of the hapless gardeners understandable, but they should admit that they've overdone it. Seeds chestnut requires long, from 2 to 5 months, exposure in wet and cold environment. So just leave the nuts to winter on the street. You do not need to bury them in the soil just make a small hole in the ground, place the nuts, sprinkle fallen leaves, wood shavings and other autumn debris. Forget for a while about the chestnut, and in the spring it'll sprout in the fullness of his time.
If you want to grow brought to you from the nut, wrap it in a damp cheesecloth and place in the fridge until germination. Then sprout chestnut can be transferred to soil. However, the chances of its survival will not exceed 50%.