You will need
  • - acorns;
  • - peat pots;
  • - the ground;
  • - a large flower pot.
Collect acorns. In the fall you need to collect them as soon as they fall - after leaf fall. But overwintered need to look for after the snow, otherwise they can leave the earth and begin to sprout near the parent tree. Likely to find more acorns in the autumn, because during winter they may rot or they feast on rodents, and therefore you can return home without the coveted seeds.
Pour the soil in the peat pots. Put the acorn horizontally and sprinkle the earth no deeper than 1 inch. Plant several plants as single acorn may not germinate. Pour water landing, and the top can cover with cellophane, but this is optional. And now we wait. The oak is very strong root system, therefore, will first develop roots, and then you will see green shoots. It may take 2-3 months. Not raskatyvaete acorn, if he rise - he will rise, and if not - it doesn't change.
After germination, nothing special needs to be done. Provide young plants with sufficient light, and in the winter turn on the fluorescent lights. Make watering once a week, and if necessary two times a 7 days. When the plant has grown a little more, transplant it into a deep and large pot.
Fertilize the tree mineral supplements that you can buy in the store. But it should be done only in early spring and late autumn. In principle, oak plant is not fastidious and grows well both in the home and on the street.
After a few years the plant to develop into a true tree, except that the small size. Home oak grows for about 1-1. 5 meters, but not above. If you want, you can give the bizarre shape of the crown, while the plant is not only beautiful but also exotic.
If you decide to transplant the oak tree on the street, be careful, he may die. Especially often this fate overtakes the plants that for a long time grew at home.